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We are custom-making all of our WomenFinds products by hand.

100% handmade, squat proof, super soft and comfy.

Where are WomenFinds items made?

It depends on your country of residence and what item you have ordered. We have factories in the United States, Mexico and Europe

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I find the pricing to be high, why?

We pride ourselves on quality. We also love the fact that you will have a Limited Edition Item.


Womenfinds active wear clothing can only be bought from us and nowhere else.


We work with the best designers in the game. We also work with the best sewers we can find.


We do not settle for materials that are not up to par or lose vibrancy when stretching.

All our items are hand made in North America, Mexico or Europe.


We print, cut and sew your order by hand. Our items are printed on demand.


This means that your order is the first domino that falls in a long personalised creation process that ends in a package sent to your door!

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